What are Microgreens?


I am on a quest for a better life and for better health. I believe it is a journey we are all on in some shape or form. We as humans naturally want to improve our lives and a big part of improving our lives is through our health and well-being. You probably try to get your exercise and to eat right when you can. If you are like me, you put effort into trying to find better ways to improve your health. As part of my personal journey, I came across microgreens and started Iron Roots Farm to sell these nutritious little vegetables and herbs. So you may be wondering what microgreens are and why you should care about what they are.

So what in the world are microgreens? 

Microgreens are a category of food that include micro-vegetables and micro-herbs. They are the stage of growth of the plant between sprouts and baby greens. They are usually between 1 and 3 inches tall and take a few weeks to grow rather than a few months. Many microgreen farmers (like me) harvest the plant when the first true leaves start to grow. This when a third tiny leaf starts to pop up between the cotyledons. People love microgreens for their great flavor, their color, and their health benefits.

Why are they important?

Microgreens are important because they pack a nutritional punch. These tiny vegetables contain lots of vitamins and other nutrients your body needs. According to one study microgreens can contain 4 to 40 times the nutrients than their mature counterparts. Depending on the microgreen you eat, they can be high in vitamin C, E, and K as well as lutein and betacarotene.

How do I eat microgreens?

Microgreens can be eaten in a variety of ways. Microgreens can be added to smoothies or juices. They can also be added to sandwiches and salads. My personal favorite use of microgreens is to use them as a garnish. This adds extra flavor to my dishes, adds an element of beauty, and is an easy way to add more vitamins to my diet.