Our Farming Process

Grown for Health

At Iron Roots Farm we strive to minimize the chemicals in your food because we believe natural is best.  We We also grow in organic coco coir (coconut) using trays that will not leach chemicals into the food you eat. A stronger body comes from the natural grown food we eat, not from the chemicals that are traditionally found in processed foods.


As part of our mission to create a better planet, we strive to make every part of our business as sustainable as possible. We use farming methods that are easier on the land and use less water than conventional farming, making sure we minimize our waste by recycling, composting food scraps, and using reusable products. Our packaging and labeling process is also uniquely sustainable by being fully compostable.


Food safety and your health are important to us. As such, we strive to keep things clean at Iron Roots Farm and to follow food safety protocols. We sanitize all our growing equipment regularly with products that kill germs and harmful bacteria. We sanitize all work surfaces regularly, and keep up on hand washing when handling food. We also keep up on cleaning farm areas by following a daily and weekly procedure.

Indoor Farming

At Iron Roots Farm, we grow using an indoor farming method. We grow in a controlled environment with grow lights, which allows us to maximize growth while minimizing our impact on the land. We also are able to use less water than traditional farming and able to provide fresh, local food to the community all year long.